EP - 10 - Thanks to Phil My Life is Ruined

Join us this week as we catch up with Jim after Philly, and get lost in a world of ink and pen sales with our special guests Andrew and Brad, before answering some amazing questions from the #askBYOB vault.

Special Guests:
Andrew - Instagram, Twitter, ndrwcn on the Pen Addict Slack
Brad -  Website, Instagram, Twitter, penaddict on the Pen Addict Slack

Thank you to our amazing sponsor for the week, Vanness Pen Shop, for helping bring you this week’s episode of BYOB and keep an eye out for the announcement of our special coupon code once we get that finalized.

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Links and Show Notes:

Franklin Christoph 66
Sailor Souten
Sailor King of Pen
Tekker Inks
Faber Castell Violet Blue
Esterbrook J
Diamine Oxblood
Tombow Mono KM KKS
Retro 51 Mission to Mars
Retro 51 Pen Addict Orange
Trilogy Pen with Trident Nib
Amethyste De L’Oural
Tactile Turn Mover
Pilot Juice Refill
Pelikan M101N
Pilot Custom 823 Clear Barrel
Bungubox Mandarin Orange
Pilot Falcon
Pilot Vanishing Point
Pelikan M400 Red
Pelikan M200 Smokey Quartz
Sailor 1911
Platinum Maki-e
Platinum 3776
Lamy 2000
Omas Europa
Omas Turquoise
Visconti Turquoise
Maruzen Eternal Athena Blue
Organics Studio Walden Pond
Philadelphia Pen Show
Frontier Pen Company
Sheaffer Snorkel
Parker Fantasy 51
Franklin Christoph 45
Franklin Christoph 31
Rhodia DotPad
Clairefontaine Triomphe
Leuchtturm 1917
The Pen Addict Podcast
Kaweco Classic Sport in Burgundy
Moleskine pocket notebook
Hobonichi Techo
Red Dragon Pen Co Nymph
John Albert
Pilot Prera
Pilot Custom 912
Pelikan M805 Demo
Conid King Size Caso
The Black Pen Society
Visconti Homo Sapiens
Bexley Imperial
Parker 75
Parker Lucky Curve
Visconti Opera Master
Visconti Guilloche
Sailor Crosspoint
Pen-Swap Subreddit
Virtual Pen Show
Paper Wants A Pen
Chaos Pen
Nakaya Elastic Nib
Montegrappa Q1
Ryan Krusac Legend L15 & L16
Tomoe River Paper
Retro 51 Ice-o-metric
Andrews Blue Pen
Modern Esterbrook
Sailor 1911 Tangerine Orange
Sailor Naginata
Bexley Pens
Conklin Duragraph
Monteverde Intima
Stipula Pens
Taccia Covenant
Franklin Christoph Model 33
Private Reserve Ink
Osprey Pens
Organics Studio Aristotle
Robert Oster Fire And Ice, Summer Storm, Blue Water Ice, Motor Oil
Akkerman Orange
SABLE = Stash Acquired Beyond Life Expectancy
Pen Habit
The Pen Addict
Pen Addict Episode 291
Sweet Maroon
Krishna Inks

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