EP 11 - We’re Getting to a Very Weird Space Here

Join us this week as we fly off the rails talking about InCoWriMo and a mountain of #askBYOB with our special guests Gabe from 8BallPens, and Claire from WrittenInRice.

Special Guests:
Gabe - Website, Instagram, Discord Server
Claire - Instagram, Etsy, writteninrice on the Pen Addict Slack

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Links and Show Notes:

Pilot E95 S
Private Reserve Sherwood Green
Robert Oster Peppermint
Col O Ring
Diamine Sherwood Green
Private Reserve Spearmint
Montblanc Irish Green
Kobe #12 Suma This Pink Hill
Claire’s Pen Wraps
Franklin Christoph 45
Montblanc 144
Pilot Blue Black
Sailor Kingfisher
Maruzen Athena Eternal Blue
Montblanc 146
Monteverde California Teal
Sailor Pro Gear
Waterman Tender Purple
Pelikan M600
Waterman Harmonious Green
Parker 45 Coronet
Monteverde Capri Blue
Namiki Iroshizuku Tsutsuji
Franklin-Christoph Pocket 20
Pilot Custom Heritage 98
Pilot Metropolitan
Pilot Vanishing Point
Montblanc Shakespeare
TWSBI Eco Neon Green
Pelikan Edelstein Topaz
Pelikan 4001 Turquoise
New York City Goldspot Exclusive Retro 51
Monteverde Purple Gel Refill
Robert Oster Blue Water Ice
Pelikan M400
Pelikan M200
Monteverde Copper Noir
SBRE Brown Ink
Pilot Falcon
Monteverde Raven Noir
Sailor 1911
Pelikan M803.14
Hippo Noto
Stipula Iron Gall Red
Lamy 2000
Monteverde Jade Noir
3952 Abalone
Monteverde Ocean Noir
Monteverde Mulberry Noir
Red Dragon Pen Co Nymph
Platinum Modern Maki-E
Monteverde Azure Noir
Platinum 3776
Organics Studio Aristotle
Koloro Opus 88
Platinum Cassis Black
Sailor Convertors
Pilot Con 40 Converter
Washi Tape
Tomoe River Paper
Inkdependence video on wax stamps
Pigma Micron
Noodler’s Black
Letter Writers Alliance
Snailmail Discord
BWI Pen Show
SF Pen Show
Nik Pang
Atlanta Pen Show
Levain Bakery
Orange Milanos
Half Moon Cookie

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