EP 11.5 - JellyBean Mode with Phil

Episode 4 of the Point 5 Series, JellyBean Mode. Oscar and Yvgenii sit down and get to know Phil. I apologize now for all the horrible dad jokes. 

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  1. Are there any dangerous moments from mountain biking or any other tales of that nature you'd like to share?
  2. Will you be running for a local government position anytime soon?
  3. Have you gotten anywhere with your stamp collection & if you were a pen, what pen would you be?
  4. How many times have you used your wax seal?
  5. How do you end up with so much prototype stuff & when Jesi does inevitably come after you with UEF Esterbrooks to take your Nock Seed case from you, how do you plan to defend yourself?
  6. Would you rather climb a mountain or sit on a beach?
  7. Would you rather be freakishly short or another foot taller?
  8. What is your next challenge after the house is finished?
  9. How's the weather up there & Phil, you are known for your angry tweets and once had a website for some of your angriest ones; why is there so much anger in the world of sergeant Stretch?
  10. What time does JellyBean Mode start?
  11. What is your dream vehicle?
  12. If you could only drink 1 beer for the rest of the year, what would it be?
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