EP 13.5 - JellyBean Mode with Sarah

Episode 5 of the Point 5 Series, JellyBean Mode. Oscar and Yvgenii sit down and get to know Sarah. Aqua even joined in to spread the love......bird. 

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1. Worst fountain pen experience?
2. If you had to pick between fiber and pens, which would you choose and why?
3. Best fountain pen experience?
4. If you had to live with only three inks, which would they be?
5. Can you explain your Master's thesis in one sentence?
6. Will we ever go metric, as a nation?
7. Mountains or beach?
8. Who rules the house? You or Aqua?
9. What are your feelings on boobies? (Avian Variety)
10. When did you last eat a jelly bean?

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