EP 14 - Distributing Ink from the Trunk of Your Car

Join us this week as we talk storage, leather, and all the different ways that we use to keep track of our various shades of blue ink, this week on the BYOB Pen Club.

Special Guests:
Denise - Instagram
Jen - Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Website, Etsy

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Links and Show Notes:

Vanness Pen Shop
Krishna Inks
Faber Castell
Nakaya Piccolo Shu Unpolished
Franklin Christoph Urushi Red
Pilot Vanishing Point Decimo Burgundy
Diamine Oxblood
Lamy Safari
Diamine Onyx Black
Colorverse Supernova
Akkerman #28
Franklin Christoph Pocket 66
Regalia Trilogy Nib
Pilot Prera Limited Edition
Robert Oster Orange Zest
Franklin Christoph Model 45
Robert Oster Jade
Armando Simoni Club Ogiva Tribute
Maruzen Athena Sepia
Sailor Bungubox Pro Gear
Sailor Pro Gear Slim
Franklin Christoph Ink '17
Platinum 3776 Bourgogne
Pilot Vanishing Point
Robert Oster Blue Water Ice
Sailor Grenade
Desiderata Daedalus
Regalia Writing Labs
Akkerman Dutch Masters #7
Pay-it-Forward Kickstarter
Pay-it-Forward Patreon
Rickshaw Bag Works
Pay-it-Forward Rickshaw pen cases
Franklin Christoph Penvelope
Inkaday on Instagram
File Maker Pro
Sample Vial Trays
Colorverse Anti Matter
Noodler's House Divided
Noodler's Baystate Blue
Fountain Pen Companion
Lamy Dark Lilac
Air Table
Red Leather Studio
Traveler's Notebook
ReachingRalph on Instagram
Jibun Techo
Hippo Noto
Monteverde Valentine Red
Sheaffer Red
J Herbin Rouge Hematite
Callifolio Andrinople
Akkerman Dutch Masters #12
Kyo Iro Fushimi’s Flaming Red
Kyo-no-oto Imayou-iro
Kyo-no-oto Adzuki-iro
Kyo-no-oto Hisoku
J Herbin Rose Cyclamen
Bioluminescent Life Stamps
Waterman Inspired Blue, Serenity Blue, Tender Purple, Havana Brown
Noodler's Blue, Walnut, Violet, Ottoman Azure, General of the Armies
Cross Violet
Lamy Blue, Pacific Blue, Vibrant Pink
Pelikan Turquoise, Dark Green, Black, Blue/Black
Private Reserve Avacado, Purple Mojo
Akkerman #1
Colorverse Cat
Private Reserve American Blue
Robert Oster Soda Pop Blue, Blue Denim
Bungubox Sapphire
KWZ Chicago Blue
Montblanc JFK
Maruzen Athena Eternal Blue

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