EP 15.5 - JellyBean Mode with Jim

Episode 6 of the Point 5 Series, JellyBean Mode. Michael and Yvgenii sit down and get to know Jim. Somehow we were able to interrogate him before his pizza arrived....sort of. 

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1. Any interesting inks in Lebanon (or the Middle East) that we need to know about?
2. Do you cringe inwardly every time you hear someone mangle the J. Herbin (or other non-English) ink names? Or is your knee jerk reaction to correct them?
3. With a city as large as New York, with diversity of population, and niche that can thrive there, what is the pen community like there? Is it thriving?
4.If you could only use one FP to use forever, which would you pick?
5. If you were hired to write a book, what would you write about and what pen and ink and paper combo would you use?
6. What is your favorite quote or saying in Arabic?
7. Who will when the war? Robots or dinosaurs?
8. What is the airspeed velocity of an unladen swallow?
9. Have you ever used anything other then “appropriate” ink in a pen?
10. Who’s your favorite Ninja Turtle?
11. What do you think JellyBean Mode means?
12. Which is your best and least favorite of the Harry Potter film series?
13. Who is your favorite Ghostbuster?
14. Have you ever had buyer's remorse on a pen purchase?
15. What script would you write a Kama Sutra manuscript in? What is the sexiest script?

Jim's favorite pen

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