EP 17 - My Wallet Said No but My Heart Said Yes

Join us this week as half of the crew recovers from Baltimore and we discuss opening up a new pen shop, questionable pen designs, and guilty stationery pleasures.

Special Guests:
Brian B - Twitter, Instagram, Website

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Links and Show Notes:

Visconti Hall of Music, Pininfarina, Homo Sapiens Dark Ages, Ducale Palazzo
Karas Kustoms Pen Meetup
Rober Oster Green At Night, River of Fire
Organics Studio Walden Pond, Aristotle
Colorverse Schrödinger, Morning Star, Andromeda
Kaweco Royal Blue, Pearl Black
Aurora 88 Black Satin with Rose Gold
Pen Shows: Baltimore , Atlanta, Philly, DC, Miami, St. Louis
Winter storm from BWI weekend
Jim Rouse
Martin's Pens
Dan Hoizner
Richard Binder
Bert Oser (Bertram’s Inkwell)
Write Notepads
Story Supply
BYOB Pen Club on Anchor
The Black Pen Society
Paul Erano's Book
BYOB EP 16.5.3
Lisa Vanness
Pay It Forward
Adam and Corrine
Bertram's Inkwell
Pen Addict Live Show
Deborah Basil
Nik Pang
Cary from Fountain Pen Day
Chef Brandon (Moderen Chocolatier)
Claire WrittenInRice
Washi Tape
Platinum Preppy
J.J. Lax Pen Co.
Linda & Mike Kennedy
Urban Sketchers
Ralph Covered in Ink at BWI
Inkdependence BWI Live Youtube Video
Woodshed Pen Co
Vanness Pen Co
Pen Chalet
The Pen Thing
The Publick House in Chester, NJ
Baron Fig
Taccia Pens
Lamy Safari, Al-Star, Dialog 3, 2000
Kaweco Sport, AL Sport
Diamine Inks
Papier Plume Inks
Krishna Inks
Scribe Inks
J Herbin Inks
Lamy Aion
Retro 51 Mission To Mars
Imaginations Boutique
Bullet Pencil
Blackwing Pencils
Big Apple Pen Club
Pilot USA
Pilot Vanishing Point
Pineider La Grande Bellezza, Avatar, Honeycomb
Heart Of Gold Fountain Pen
Cyberia Fountain Pen
Noodler's Baystate Blue
Private Reserve Ink
Waterman Inks
Cross Classic Century
Sailor Chalana
Visconti Dave
Oscar's Crabs

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