EP - 2 - I Am Right Because I Am Jesi!

This week we discuss Pineider pens, Sailor’s ink pricing, the Field Notes 10th Anniversary, pencils (!!!), and the Great Cake Vs. Pie Debate. Ralph finds a passion for Everything, and, despite heavy pre-gaming, no one drank any ink.

Special Guests:
Tommy - Twitter, Instagram, focer on the Pen Addict Slack
Jem (aka Chuck) - Twitter, Instagram, Website, ionsomnia on the Pen Addict Slack

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Links and Show Notes:

Pineider Pens
Dante del Vecchio
Visconti/Dante drama
Pineider Avatar, La Grande Bellezza
Visconti Gold vs Palladium
Goulet: Introducing Pineider Fountain Pens!
Visconti Rembrandt
Magnetic cap rusting
Kit Pens
VHS = Visconti Homo Sapiens (not tapes)
Goulet Exclusive Opera Master
Japanese regional pricing wank
Sailor ink pricing changes
Iroshizuku price drop
New Sailor colors
Small Iroshizuku bottles
Small Diamine bottles
Sailor vase bottle
Diamine Soft Mint
Papier Plume Lake Michigan Summer
Sailor Rikyu-Cha, Nano Black
Original Sailor ink discontinuation (and the return)
New vs Old Sailor Grenade
Bungubox Piano Mahogany (Ralph’s pics)
Platinum Carbon Black
Omas Turquoise, Black
Visconti Turquoise
Montblanc Miles Davis Blue, Lucky Orange, The Beatles Psychedelic Purple, Antoine de Saint-Exupery
Lamy Dark Lilac
Field Notes Utility, Campfire, Resolution, 56-week Planner
Sarah’s Field Notes Winter 2017 pics (including the 10th anniversary pack)
Pen Addict 279 - Live at Field Notes HQ
Yellow Paper House
Uni-ball Signo RT 0.38mm refills, Vision
Blackwing 530
Nataraj POP 2B
Pilot Neox Graphite Lead
Lead grades 101
CW Pencils (new location!)
Mitsubishi Master Writing Pencil HB, Triangular Penmanship Pencil 4B, Red/Blue Pencils
Tombow Mono 100 F, Mono 100 2B, Mono Graph One, Mono Knock Eraser, Mono Zero Eraser, Ippo Pinch Point Sharpener
Pentel Clic Eraser
Craft Design Technology Eraser
Sakura Foam Erasers
Faber-Castell Perfect Pencil, Polychromos, 9000, Albrecht Dürer
Prismacolor Premier, Verithin
Caran d’Ache Luminance
Derwent Inktense
Kum Single-Hole Long Point Sharpener, Masterpiece
Möbius & Ruppert Brass Bullet Sharpener, Pollux
Sun-Star Sect Pencil Caps
Tom Bihn Backpacks
Nock Co. Lanier, Brasstown, Sinclair
Bag of Holding
Rihanna is Team Cake
Cheesecake is not cake
The cake is a lie!
Black Friday sales that aren’t over by the time this posts: Pen Chalet, Goulet, Vanness, Goldspot
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