EP - 3 - I Don't Know, It's a F*****g Deer!

WARNING: This podcast contains scenes of utter stupidity among a bunch of friends. Please do not drink ink at home. Or anywhere for that matter.

This week we discuss Esterbrook’s latest tease, Field Notes’ new collaberation with Ambercrombie & Fitch, the new PenAddict Ice-O-Metric Retro51, fancy nibs, and next year’s stationery habits. And yes, Ralph drank the ink.

Special Guests:
Andrew - Twitter, Instagram, ndrwcn on the Pen Addict Slack
Denise - Instagram, dsmallc on the Pen Addict Slack

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Links and Show Notes:

Picture of Oscar looking sexy in his tuxedo
PIF Project
John Alberts custom pen

Organics Studio Walden
Pen Addict review of Sailor nib
Edison Menlo Aqua Swirl pen
Mont Blanc JFK ink
Festercrook articles p1, p2

New Esterbrook J
Original Esterbrook J
Delta lever filler
Conklin Crescent
Conklin button filler
Conklin Mark Twain series
Packard car
Yugo car
TWSBI swappable nibs
Franklin Christoph swappable nibs
Lamy nibs
FP Hospital Mabie Todd pens
Wahl-Eversharp Decoband
Bronze Arco Celluloid
Super Flex nib
Philadelphia pen show
Visionare pen
Field Notes/Abercrombie & Fitch
Men’s notebooks
Women’s notebooks
White Pelikan
Pink Pelikan
Baron Fig Collaboration
Pen Addict Podcast at Field Notes office
Utility Field Notes
Campfire Field Notes
Bag of Holding
The Pen Addict Ice-O-Metric Retro 51 Pen
Monument Valley
Bomb Pops
Isometric App
Ice-O-Metric shirt
Matthew Morse
Matthew Morse’s shirt at Cotton Bureau
Skeleton Retro 51
Nintendo Switch
Legos are sturdy
Jesi’s Always Right
Cuttle fish ink
Organic Studios on Ralph’s tongue
Reddit Mechanical head pens
Father Kyle
Holy Water pen
St Louis Pen show
Metal tube to pen shows
Sailor Bespoke nibs
Blue Dragon
Mike Masuyama
Frontier Pen Company
Sailor King Eagle
Nemosine 0.8 stub nib
Wing Sung 618
7 Seas Writer
Purple Seed
Hippo Noto
68 weight paper
Tomoe River paper
32 lb HP
Baron Fig Confidant
Write note pads
Story Supply notebooks
Kyonooto limited edition inks blue, purple

Sweet Potato Purple
Parker Penman Sapphire ink
Fountain Pen Companion
Denise’s Instagram
Color bar in Japan

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