EP - 4 - Pacefalm?!

This week we tackle some follow-up from previous episodes, have a spirited discussion around the dumpster fire of Baron Fig, share our warm fuzzies about Noodlers, and dive into some really good listener questions.

Special Guests:
Mike - Instagram
Tami - Instagram, tambone on the Pen Addict slack


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Links and Show Notes:

Franklin-Christoph 31
Pilot Custom 912 w/ FA nib
Newton Orville Primary Manipulation 3
Robert Oster Fire & Ice
Pilot Custom 823
Montblanc JFK Navy Blue
Aurora Optima
Sailor Grenade
ASC Ogiva Perla
Noodler’s Lexington Grey
Franklin-Christoph 66
Bung Box Matador Red
Diamine Orange Inferno
Tami Sagher - HIMYM, 30 Rock, Don’t Think Twice, Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt
Pay It Forward Updates:

-Jonathan Brooks’ Blanks
-KWZ HoG Ink update (Once it is official we will update this note)

-Papier Plume
-Story Supply
-Alexander Kramer
RSVP Stationery Ep 17
BYOB Episode 3 discussion on Abercrombie & Fitch
Baron Fig

-Baron Fig Bag Kickstarter
-Bag Colors
-New colors on website October 7th, 2017
-August 13th post advertising pre-orders using photos with old bag colors
-Baron Fig Squire
-Baron Fig Confidant
-Baron Fig Email Updates: July 13, August 15, Sept 18, Sept 28, Oct 24, Nov 16, Nov 29

-Complaints about the bags from consumers
-Baron Fig Archer Pencils
-Baron Fig Bag Kickstarter Prices
-Baron Fig Website Prices
-Messenger available to pre-order for $75 (early bird prices) September 20, 2017
-July 9th post advertising pre-orders, suggesting price has been finalized
-Zipper Issues
-The Buckle of the Messenger Bag
-Baron Fig Squire Advert
-The Baron Fig Coupon
-Jim’s Bag Return
-The Baron Fig FAQ
-RSVP 17.5 (Baron Fig partial apology)
-Baron Fig Collaborations
Nock Lanier
Topo Designs Daypack
Hippo Noto
Streisand Effect
Sturgeon’s Law
Hanlen’s Razor
BYOB Noodlers Hate
Armando Simoni
Noodlers Youtube
Cross Fountain Pens
Montblanc Fountain Pens
Noodlers Ahab
Sheaffer Vac Fill maintenance
Pen Habit Semi Flex video
Noodlers Eel Blue, 54th Mass., Black, Liberty Elysium, House Divided, Berning Red, Rome Burning, Baystate Blue
KWZ Ink Issues
Nathan Tardif’s Politics
TWSBI Cleaning Vs. Vintage Pen Cleaning
SBRE Brown Pen Flush Video
Sheaffer PFM
Power’s Pen Company
Commonwealth Pen Show
TWSBI Cracking
Noodlers Konrad
Tomoe River Paper
Graphilo notebooks
Rhodia Paper
Mnemosyne Notebooks
Kokuyo Life Paper
Leuchtturm paper
The Pen Addict Episode 286
Omas 360
Omas Ogiva
Sailor 1911 Realo
Fountain Pen Swap SubReddit
Sheaffer 100 Ferrari
Sheaffer 1.1 Mechanical Pencil
Jesi and her Esterbrooks
Franklin-Cristoph 45
Picture of MGM’s Omas
Montegrappa Chaos
Parker 45
Susan Wirth and her tables

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