EP - 5 - Jesi Wants The Seed

This week we have Jim joining us from Beirut as we cover writing left handed, odd dealings with Montblanc, dive off into a lake of ink, and answer some questions from the BYOB community.

Special Guests:
Sandra - Instagram, Twitter, wf_cupcakegirl on the Pen Addict Slack
Claire - Instagram, Etsy, writteninrice on the Pen Addict Slack


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Links and Show Notes:

Cake or Pie

Moonlight Kyo-iro
Pelikan m605 white
Diamine Earl Grey
Brooks Aiken model red and black swirl
Akkerman #7
Sailor Pro Gear king fisher
US pens Victor – paten
Rhodia Goal Book
Blackwing 530
Blackwing 602
Snow in Atlanta
Sailor Progear Slim Purple Cosmos
Faber Castell Violet Blue
Platinum 3776 Lavande
Organics Studio Vanadium Purple
Lamy 2000 fine nib
KWZ Scriptus 150 Confederation Brown
Omas Ogiva Alba
KWZ Orange ink
Crusty photo
FC penvelope
Montblanc Lucky Orange
Montblanc 221
Montblanc Psychedelic
Pelikan M400 red and black
Monteverde Mercury Noir
Storm trooper Pelikan
Storm trooper
Left handed writing
Society pressure for right hand writing
Arab left hand
Yvgenii’s grip
Architect nib
Cursive italic nib
Lamy Dialog 3
Mike Matteson, Inkdependence
Pointed pen
Nik Pang
Triangle show
Writing names
Michael Sull
Dallas Show
Smearing ink while writing in Arabic
Silver Surfer syndrome
Drawing graphite smearing
Dragon scale from Game of Thrones
Jonathan Brooks Aiken
NC State University
Pen Addict
Montblanc inks
Montblanc boutique
Beatles pen
Korean Citron Honey Tea
Lamy Dark Lilac
Tomoe River Paper
Maruman Mnemosyne
Cross Violet
Waterman’s Tender Purple
Purple inks
Sailor – inks are too cheap
Japanese exclusive products
Sailor Demo Realo
Yahoo JP
Amazon JP
Kingdom Note
Zen Market
White Rabbit
San Francisco Pen Posse
Fund in Yen
Trident nib
A5 Seed
SBRE Brown Ink
Original SBRE Brown Ink
Fonto Plumo
120mL Dutch Masters Bottle
Montblanc Toffee Brown
Akkerman Shocking Blue
Majestic Blue
#28 green ink
Diamine Meadow
Nick Stewart Bleach Blog
KWZ Honey
Private Reserve Shoreline Gold
Akkerman 22
Akkerman 23
Ana Reinert
Jet Pens
Kyoto TAG ink Adzukiiro
Graphilo paper
Waterman Mysterious Blue
Waterman Florida Blue
Ballpoint Blue
Waterman Serenity Blue
Waterman Tender Purple
Waterman Blues
Pelikan Brown
Diamine Oxblood
Goulet site
Montblanc Sepia
Hippo Noto
Pen cup
Pilot V5
Retro 51
Pilot G3
Pilot G2
Clicky pen
Bic Crystal
Slip of paper your bag was inspected
Eraser Sampler Pack
Blue and red pencils
Blackwing 16.2
Rotering 600
Pack of Field Notes
Isometric Pen
GNYPG sticker
Karas Customs stickers
Karas Decograph
Esterbrook Desk pen
Esterbrook nib broad stub
Jim’s doggo
Yvgenii’s doggos - Karma, Bailey
Yvgenii’s rug

Colors bleeding in authentic rugs
Mountain of Ink
Seitz Kreuznach - Arctic Blue, flask bottle

Blue Hawaiian
Blue Curaçao
That’s all folks

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