EP - 7 - So You Want To Steal My Vase Bottle and My Seed?

Welcome to the final show of 2017. This week we do a #askBYOB only show tackling the most random and important questions from YOU, the listeners. Thank you for making this a great 2017 and we look forward to bringing you more shenanigans in 2018.

Special Guests:
Mike - Instagram

TeAntae - Instagram, sistert on the Pen Addict Slack

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Links and Show Notes: 

Pelikan M600
Omas 360
Montblanc Winterglow
SBRE Brown Ink
Anderson Pens
Frontier Pen Company 006 Prototype
Noodler’s Ahab
FC Pocket 66
Ackerman 28
Esterbrook J Desk Pen
Romulus Pens
Diamine Ancient Copper
Lamy 2000
Lamy Aion
Platinum 3776
Pen Chalet
Lamy Studio
Karas Ink
Lamy Dialog 3
Pilot M90
Pilot Vanishing Point
Pilot Custom 92
Pilot Custom 823
Pilot Prera
Omas Ogiva
Pelikan M400
Franklin Christoph Nibs
Aurora Right Oblique
Pelikan M200 Smokey Quartz
Atlanta Pen Show
Pay It Forward
Gummy Python
Sheaffer PFM
Sheaffer Legacy Copper
Matt from The Pen Habit
Gilbert Gottfried audio clip
Sheaffer Tucky
Sheaffer Triumph Nib
Sheaffer Feather Touch
JellyBean Mode
Faber-Castell Loom
Nylon Reinforced Pliers
GOOD Visconti Palladium Nibs
Sheaffer Vacuum Filler
Cheap Jar Openers
Pilot Pen Set
Zebra Pen Set
Blue Lamy Safari
Noodler’s Black
Goulet Pens
Goulet Q&A
Sheaffer Calligraphy Pen
1920s Sheaffer
Hello Internet
The Pen Addict
Kaweco Sport
Noodler’s 54th Massachusetts
Platinum Modern Maki-e
Montblanc Rollerball
Field Notes
Armondo Simoni
Glass Dip Pen
$9000 Namiki Pen
Pen Boutique
Pilot Metropolitan
Sarj’s Table
Nakaya Decopod
Aurora Flex
Turquoise Waterman’s Patrician
Pen Addict Isometric Retro 51
Sailor Voice Blueberry Pie
Brooks Acrylic
Sailor 1911 Yellow
Platinum 3776 Chartres Blue
Platinum 3776 Lavender Nice
Newton’s Prospector
Nakaya Desk Pen
Conid Vac Fill
Nakaya Decapod Twist
Pilot Falcon
Red Dragon Pen Co Nymph
3952 Abalone
Ogiva Arco
#6 Jowo Nib
Jesi’s Conklin Sterling Silver
Aurora Optima
Paper For Fountain Pens
Robert Oster Inks
Kingdom Note Jellyfish Ink and Mushroom Ink
Pilot Kakuno
Montblanc 144 Nib
Hippo Noto
Eraser Sampler Pack
Sara’s Pencil Puzzle
Pilot Decimo
Monteverde Pen Portfolio
Garmin GPS watch
TomTom GPS watch
Noodler’s Violet
Sherlock Study Candle
Life Stationery Air Mail Envelopes
Diamine Oxford Blue
Nintendo Switch
The Red Dragon Dip Pen
Karma and Bailey
Planet Coaster

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