EP - 9.5 - JellyBean Mode with Jesi

Episode 3 of the Point 5 Series, JellyBean Mode. Oscar and Yvgenii sit down and get to know Jesi.

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1. You are known as the Esterbrook Lady. If you had 2 million dollars, how would you restart the brand?
2. What Ink Surprised you in 2017?
3. If you were a Jedi, what color lightsaber would you wield?
4. What amount of money would it take for you to give up ever using an esterbrook again?
5. We can probably guess the brand, but what fountain pen of yours is your favorite and why?
6. Does your interest in fountain pens spill over to your children?
7. Do you have a favorite Pen Addict Episode?
8. Where are the best places to go looking for vintage pens?
9. What is your most amazing skill?
10. Why Esterbrooks?
11. How many businesses have you run?
12. Are there any bigger Esterbrooks than the J?

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