B.Y.O.B., like any other good conversation after a pen show, is nothing without a good group of people to talk about the things that bring them together. While the podcast will have amazing guests coming and going from week to week, you can expect these voices more often in the show, if not every episode. If you would like to be a guest on B.Y.O.B. contact us and let us know. We'd love to have you join us at the bar!

Oscar - The Penthusiast/Pay-it-Forward Captain

The Penthusiast Oscar Picture

Where to find me:  Website • Instagram • Twitter • Penthusiast on the Pen Addict Slack
Stationery Load-out: Fountain Pens only! I carry a Pilot M90, two Omas Ogivas, a Sailor Imperial and Flexible Pelikan M400 with me, along with a Nanami Seven Seas notebook, which is soon to be changed out for the new Hippo Noto. If it doesn't fit into my Nock A5 carrying pouch, it's not coming with me.
Alcohol of Choice: Alcoholic Root Beer Floats, or some really nice Whiskey.
Profane Preferences: I typically don't finish a swear word, I either say "shiiiiiiii" or "fuuuuuuuuu" and let it trail off. The more alcohol I consume, the more I like to get crafty with wordplay though...

Jim - That Robot With The Accent

1120378 (2).jpg

Where to find me:  Twitter • Instagram • robojim on the Pen Addict Slack
Stationery Load-out: Does it come in titanium? But realistically, I get by with one fountain pen (usually have more), one round-tip pen, a mech pencil and some pocket notebook. All of these fit in a Sinclair and then a Nutsac bag
Alcohol of Choice: Rum for the most part or else some form of Whiskey. When I want to take it easy, a good stout goes a long way.
Profane Preferences: I tend to swear in Arabic and most commonly use the word "ayr" which translates to dick but when conjugated as a verb, refers to fuck. In English, I'm fairly versatile but I'm very partial to fuckface.

Sarah - Drew the Show Art

2013 04 20 055.JPG

Where to find me:  Twitter • Instagram • Ravelry • bijou3owl on the Pen Addict Slack.
Stationery Load-out: Mainly fountain pens: fine nails & pocket pens (especially vintage), paired with bright as fuck inks. I use a whole slew of notebooks, but prefer cream or off-white paper with a little bit of tooth. I've just started to get into woodcase pencils, and I've found my tastes are either super cheap (e.g. Nataraj & the Bugle) or super expensive (e.g. Blackwing Volumes). 
Alcohol of Choice: Local craft beers; sours are my favorite, but also weissbiers, porters, & märzens. Gin and Spanish wines also work.
Profane Preferences: While it's a family tradition to be partial to "shit," I seem to have taken to "fuck."

Ralph - Overexcited


Where to find me:   Instagram • reachingralph on the Pen Addict Slack
Stationery Load-out: Almost exclusively fountain pens, with as wide a range of nib options as I can carry on my person; often eight. My hand sings on the page with Japanese F/EF nibs, but the more unique the writing experience, the better. My favorite nibs are page-shredding italics, and I’ve also got a thing for pocket pens. But the first thing I ask when considering any new pen? “Does it come in black?”
Alcohol of Choice: I’m allergic to beer, so my options are limited. Normally a hard cider, red wine, scotch, or tequila. Level of intended festiveness in that order.
Profane Preferences: It’s undeniable that “fuck” is a versatile word, but I have a tendency to overuse it. I often pronounce the word as “fak” and most infamously, “fock”. Currently working on enriching my vulgarity. Alcohol helps.

Phil - Taller Than You


Where to find me:  Twitter • Instagram • Website • sgtstretch on the Pen Addict Slack
Stationery Load-out: Fountain pens mostly, with a Karas EDK when needed. Nibs tend to be fat and wet for putting the most ink down on a page. Paper usage is mostly with Tomoe River paper for both notebooks and correspondence needs. 
Alcohol of Choice: Craft beer (IPAs, Stouts & Porters), Bourbon, Rum
Profane Preferences: Whatever the fuck I want.

Michael - Not as Tall as Phil


Where to find me:  Twitter • Instagram • Website • michaelj on the Pen Addict Slack
Stationery Load-out: A mix of folded nibs, stub nibs, a needlepoint, and a little bit of everything else. A Retro 51 rollerball or a Ti2 Techliner is always in my pocket. Notebooks filled with Tomoe River paper, pads of Bristol paper, and Nock Co. Dot-Dash cards (in every size) are my go-to mediums of choice. 
Alcohol of Choice: Diet Coke, Orange or Cool Blue Gatorade, sparkling water, and other stuff that is sure to rot my teeth. 
Profane Preferences: I don’t fucking know. I like all that shit. 

Jesi - The Esterbrook and Ink Lady

2015-09-13 11.06.16.jpg

Where to find me:  Website • Twitter • Instagram • Pinterest • JesiRaine on the Pen Addict Slack
Stationery Load-out: Fountain pens of all sorts with a current emphasis on Franklin-Christoph 45 and Platinum 3776.  Vintage pens are my passion -- writing with them and repairing.  My current EDC includes a Hobonichi Techo, Sailor Pro Gear Slim Purple Cosmos, and at least one other notebook.  I have a lot of Esterbrooks that I sell at shows cause I think its the easiest way to get newbies hooked to vintage pens.  I'm rather obsessed with ink as well.  Currently in close competition for the most inks in the Slack channel.  
Alcohol of Choice: Gin and Tonic.  I'm picky about the gin (current favorite is Rhok, a small batch gin made in Boulder, CO) and the tonic (Fever Tree tonic water is the best).  Wine, I am not so picky.  I'll drink any wine, whether it comes with a cork or in a box.  As long as it's not Rosé.  
Profane Preferences: Whatever crosses my mind at the moment.  I've been "ass + descriptive word" lately, since it describes so many drivers out there.  

Yvgenii - The Sound Guy/Something Resembling an M.C.


Where to find me: Yvgenii on the Pen Addict Slack.
Stationery Load-out: I am a firm hater of all things graphite. My load out is a ThinkGeek Bag of Holding with my Red Pelikan M400 and a rotating group or fountain pens in EF nibs with Iron Gall Ink & Rhodia DotPads
Alcohol of Choice: Brandy, Scotch, or a very, very, very, dry wine. If you can see dust, then it is dry enough. 
Profane Preferences: "Shit". It is a very versitile profanity.